Marketing Campaign Delivery

Frame your marketing campaigns on a platform of mass mailing, SMS and MMS in the cloud, so that all communications appropriately reach their recipients. BSAG offers a versatile application in the cloud, adjusted to the marketing department needs, to manage and control the delivery of their mass communications, having the ability to create targeted mailing lists based on attributes of the clients, schedule campaigns, creating flows communications, easily and intuitively design your messages, downloads campaign results and a variety of general and detailed statistics of all the factors involved in the communications process.


Stay connected with your customers all the time, strengthen ties and providing information and services in the palm of your hand with a comfortable and innovative way. HandMarket is a simple, safe and easy to use mobile app that connects to your systems through a Service Oriented Platform and is available in major mobile operating systems market. Your customers will be able to check availability of products, locating nearby stores, buy products online, make deals and enjoy personalized coupons, among many other features.


Get flexibility and enterprise level. Sitecore CMS, positioned by Gartner Inc. in the "Leaders Quadrant" of the "Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management" for four consecutive years, is the platform used by over 32,000 websites of the leading brands in the world.

To lead the market, you should understand the performance in the interaction between sites and campaigns, and customers. Sitecore offers optimization technology marketing performance, which will help increase customer conversion and establish personalized communications that generate high traffic on your site, email and social networks.