In BSAG, our proposal is based on a process of quality performance that goes through a thorough analysis and specifications, extensive testing, expert management and great practice with tools and modern technological standards.

Service Centers

Forms the ecosystem dedicated to the unique needs of a customer, which BSAG offers directly or remotely. Why an ecosystem? Service centers represent a set of specialized units in key areas (project management, change management, certification and testing, architecture and software development) in collaboration for project management or maintenance services dedicated within your company. The customer can either purchase the service center or choose the units deemed necessary to cover temporary or permanent requirements within your organization.

Application Development and Maintenance

We specialize in the construction and maintenance of solutions developed to suit the needs of our customers’ business.

We work using certified standards in the industry of information technology, our work scheme ensures success not only in the classic stages of design, development and implementation but also in post production stages, vital for the business success, that are: strategic management of change and organizational training.

We have the ability to work on multiple technology platforms. This allows our service to be consistent and adapted to the requirements and budget of our clients.

Technological Infrastructure

We can take care of the construction, maintenance and support of the technological infrastructure of your company (hardware, software and telecommunications), by careful planning and designing a technology infrastructure that will form the foundation to ensure proper performance of the companys’ business processes.

Consulting and Training

We offer consulting services in the selection, implementation, migration and integration of complex systems and different platforms.

In addition, we offer strategic training for your employees in technology tools and / or specific needs, for which we have experts in instructional design processes, with experience in information technology, qualified personnel to teach courses and facilities suitable for this purpose.

Mobile Application Development

The technological world is moving at high speed towards mobile applications, either because corporations want closer ties with its customers, offering information and services in a timely manner, creating thus a valuable interaction to position their brand in the market and offer comfort and innovation to its customers, as well as to simplify and optimize its internal processes, resulting in cost reduction and quality of service to its customers.

BSAG, offers the opportunity to transform those projects that looks distant in innovative, fast and framed on best practices in the industry of mobile applications.

Cloud Application Development

Keep all applications of a corporation in high availability platforms, safe and with the highest processing capacity to offer lower response times, has become a major effort for companies, as this involves a significant investment in infrastructure, both for its operations and for its maintenance.

Disincorporate of your company’s daily tasks these activities and rely on BSAG, to experience the advantages and benefits of having all applications in the cloud. We will guide you and develop your applications adapted to this new environment, so these infrastructure problems will no longer be a burden to the corporation and start offering your business and customers fast, secure and highly available services.